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Mhub Technology

Mhub is an information platform that has been specifically developed to improve and enhance the processes implemented within Multi Agency Safeguarding Hubs, or MASH. This platform is designed around the common MASH principles:

  • Information sharing – better information sharing between partners enables better safeguarding.
  • Joint decision making – more informed decisions based on a more complete picture.
  • Co-ordinated intervention – better, stronger information sharing leads to earlier intervention.

Mhub does not replace or change how cases are managed on existing agency case management systems. Mhub has been designed to facilitate the collection of supporting safeguarding information from multiple agencies in one place. This provides a single integrated view of a contact or incident across the agencies, leading to better, faster decision making.

Mhub: The Key Stages

  1. On receipt of incident information, complete RAG assessments and scoring
  2. Record in Mhub, inform / notify partner agencies and request information automatically
  3. Agencies input relevant information directly into Mhub, within RAG thresholds, with contributory assessment information
  4. Incidents / cases are re-assessed and actions / interventions are recorded
  5. Inform /update partners

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Features of Mhub

  • Single view of current, outstanding and legacy incidents
  • Multi contact/incident creation methods including manual and automatically from other integrated data sources
  • Notifications sent directly to agency partners to request information
  • Automated reminders for information not yet submitted – subject to RAG status
  • Complete record of actions, outcomes and decisions made in relation to an incident
  • Shared calendar with task, appointments and reminders
  • Comprehensive auditing tool tracking all incident views and activities for reviewing purposes


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