What is B2M?

B2M is a fast, reliable and secure web based SMS communication and messaging platform. This versatile system has many uses such as; mass notifications, improved customer service, sales generation, staff mobilisation, product promotion campaigns, event and appointment reminders, emergency response and crisis management. Still one of Irelands leading business mobile messaging platforms.

Why B2M?

SMS technology has fast become one of the most effective and powerful ways to communicate in business. Business2Mobile or B2M is a unique web based SMS messaging platform. It enables organisations operating in the public and private sectors to deliver intelligent SMS message routing products to their customers, staff and supply chain partners.

B2M Benefits

The easy-to-use interface is designed to provide a range of functions such as one-to-many messages, daily scheduled messages, short code campaigns, event triggered alerts, storing of contacts and message replies. B2M offers seamless integration with both internal and external systems. The use of Irish networks ensures both reliability and secure delivery of all communications.

B2M Features

B2M provides an unmatched degree of flexibility for integrating with external systems. A range of technical interfaces including email, CSV, XML and web services are available. This means that B2M is guaranteed to provide seamless integration with the various applications.

B2M logo

Who we work with

Saadian has been working with some of Irelands leading organisations for the last 10 years. It has been used by over 400 public and private sector organisations that have come to regard it as a vital means of communicating with employees, suppliers and customers. Ten years on we still work with some of the same customers.



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